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Downlink Signal Measurement Algorithm for WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+

Vol. 9, No. 8, August 30, 2015
10.3837/tiis.2015.08.016, Download Paper (Free):


Wideband code division multiple access (WCDMA), high speed packet access (HSPA) and HSPA+ are third generation partnership project (3GPP) standards. These systems are the major wireless communication standards. In order to test the performance of WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ signal in a base station, the measurement hardware is required to the evaluation of the transmitted signals. In this paper, the algorithm for the performance measurement of the WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ is proposed. Also, the performance of the measurement algorithm is used to evaluate the generated signal by the WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ signal generator. Generally, the algorithm of normal modems cannot be applied to the measurement system because the signal measurement equipment needs to guarantee the high accuracy. So, the WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ signal measurement algorithm for the accurate measurement is proposed. By the simulation, it is confirmed that the proposed measurement algorithm has good performance compared with the specification. Therefore, the proposed algorithm can be usefully applied to verify the performance of the measurement using the simulation


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B. Kwon, E. Lee, D. Hong, S. Kang, M. Kang, H. Song, "Downlink Signal Measurement Algorithm for WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+," KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, vol. 9, no. 8, pp. 3040-3053, 2015. DOI: 10.3837/tiis.2015.08.016.

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Bit-Na Kwon, Eui-Hak Lee, Dae-Ki Hong, Sung-Jin Kang, Min-Goo Kang, and Hyoung-Kyu Song. 2015. Downlink Signal Measurement Algorithm for WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+. KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 9, 8, (2015), 3040-3053. DOI: 10.3837/tiis.2015.08.016.

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