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Author Guide

Submitting Original Papers and Plagiarism Policy

  All authors are supposed to submit the manuscript containing original contents. The manuscript which has not been simultaneously submitted to, nor published in any other publication channels, solely can be accepted. If the same paper is found appearing or published in any other publication, the paper will be automatically rejected. The paper previously published in other minor publications such as conference, workshop, seminar, or proceedings can be eligible for being reviewed and published in the Transactions. But we require that the paper be substantially revised with at least 30% new contents which have never been published in the previous publications. Even though the new results from the conference paper are not required, the revised manuscript version should include expansion of key ideas, examples, explanations, figures, tables, elaborations, etc. The manuscript should indicate its previously published conference name and date as a footnote in the left bottom of the first page. Authors very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantial novel contributions beyond those of the previously published paper(s) or proceedings. We strictly prohibit plagiarism and self plagiarism. If plagiarism is found in a paper in review or in the publication, the Steering Committee of the TIIS journal will immediately investigate the case. The severe penalty will be imposed on the author(s) related to the plagiarism case based on the investigation.

Manuscript Format

  The manuscript format guidelines are the following:

Items Guidelines
Pages More than 13 pages within 21 pages including figures, tables, and pictures.
Page size 20.5cm (width) X 27.3cm (height)
Column and line space Single column page and single-line space.
Main context font size and style 11 point size. Times New Roman only.
Main title and section title font size 18 point size, Tahoma font style, and purple color for main title. 12 point size Arial font style, purple color, and bold strokes for section title.
Abstract 100~200 words.The abstract title is Arial font type and italic style in the center line. Abstract must illustrate the nature, importance, and contributions of the paper. Do not include complex symbols, mathematical notations or bibliographic references.
Author name and affiliation. Author name is 10 point size. Author's name is followed by 'Member' or ' Non-member' of KSII in italic style. Author's affiliation should include e-mail ID and be written in 9 point size following the authors' name. You must indicate which author is the correspondent after the authors' affiliation.
Keywords Provide the 5~6 keywords that best describe the contents and address the key issues of your paper. The keyword title is Arial font type and italic style. The given keywords are essential to find the appropriate reviewers.
Author's brief autobiography Author's background should be presented in the end of the submitted paper. If the paper is accepted, author's photo in JPG or GIF format will be requested later.
References All references are numbered in order of appearing in the context of the paper. The reference number in the main contenxt is in red color.
Figures and Tables The title of a figure is placed in the bottom of the figure while the one of a table in the top of the table. The font size of the title is 10 point. All figures and tables are numbered in order of appearing in the context. Figrures and Tables are in blue color both in the main context. and in the title.
Colors Authors are strongly encouraged to use colors in figures, tables, and photos to enhance legibility and clearness.
SI Unit meter (m) / kilogram (kg) / second (s) / ampere (A) kelvin (K) mol (mol) / candela (cd) / length (l, x, r etc.) / mass (m) / time, duration (t) / electric current (I,i) / amount of substance (n), Luminous intensity (lv)

   The manuscript must be written in MS Word. The manuscript submission system will convert it automatically in PDF and HTML, respectively. You can download the MS Word template as follows:

Peer Review Process

  Authors can send the manuscript only by electronically uploading it via the Manuscript Submission in the main menu. The sent paper will be reviewed by two or more independent referees who have professional backgrounds in the pertinent subject area.

  Authors are only given one time revision. There is no more than one time revision except for a special case which the editorial board members consider a paper to be extraordinarily high quality or interesting to the readers. The authors should adhere strictly to the revision deadline. Unless the revised manuscript does meet the requirements of the referees and editors, it will be rejected without further process. The sent paper will be given 'accept', 'reject', or 'revision':

Decision Description
Accept An accept decision means that an editor is accepting the paper with no further modifications. The paper will not be seen again by the editor or by the reviewers.
Reject The manuscript is not suitable for the TIIS publication.
Revision The paper is conditionally accepted with some requirements. A revision means that the paper should go back to the original reviewers for a second round of reviews. We strongly discourage editors from making a decision based on their own review of the manuscript if a revision had been previously required.

  You can see your paper process status in the Paper Review Status in the main menu.

Requesting for Correcting the File (After Submission)

  If you have made an error in submitting your manuscript (e.g., uploaded the wrong file, left one or more files out, etc.), please e-mail the TIIS assistant to notify us and make corrections.

Submitting Final Publication Materials

  If the sent paper is accepted for publication after review process, we will send you a detailed guide and an author checklist for final paper submission requirements. Please be advised to pay close attention to the detailed requirements. You are supposed to send the final manuscript along with author's photos and signed copyright transfer form. You can download the copyright transfer form below:

  Without receiving the signed form, we don't publish your paper. It is your responsibility to meet the due date indicated on the acceptance notice for paper publication. Please try to avoid any delay for publication by carefully going through the author checklist. For more detailed information on submitting your final publication materials, you can contact with the KSII TIIS Office at ksii@ksii.or.kr.

Publication Charge

[New Rule]

  We would like to inform authors of publication charges of TIIS. A publication fee of $700 USD (or 700,000 KRW) SHOULD be paid to the KSII TIIS office. This new rule applies to all papers submitted after July 1, 2020. For more information on publication fee payment methods, Please contact with the KSII TIIS Office at ksii@ksii.or.kr.
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[Old Rule]

   We would like to inform authors of publication charges of TIIS. A publication fee of $500 USD (or 500,000 KRW) SHOULD be paid to the KSII TIIS office. This new rule applies to all papers submitted after January 1, 2017. For more information on publication fee payment methods, Please contact with the KSII TIIS Office at ksii@ksii.or.kr.
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Publications Ethics and Malpractice Statement

  Please refer to here.