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Notice Posted: 2016/11/07

For all submitted papers starting from Janurary 1 of 2017, if the paper is accepted for publication, a publication fee of $500 USD (or 500,000 KRW) must be paid to the KSII TIIS Office in advance of being published in TIIS. This increase in publication fee is accompanied by a faster paper evalution process to help expedite the publication of new technology.

New Hompage Opening Announcement Posted: 2016/04/04

 We are very happy to announce the new homepage opening of our journal, TIIS. Since the launch date Dec. 2007 of TIIS, the old homepage had been serviced. We renewed our homepage on April 1, 2016.   In particular, we have added  two important new menus , paper search menu and hot cited paper menu . The paper search menu enables you to find closely related papers very easily with your interesting keywords, which have been previously published by our journal. The hot cited paper menu provides readers with most popular and highly cited papers. The hot cited papers will be updated every month.   If you find any mistakes or have any suggestion through using the new homepage, please feel free to send your e-mail at tiis@ksii.or.kr anytime.   Yours,   Prof. Minho Jo Founder and Editor-in-Chief, KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems chief@ksii.or.kr/minhojo@korea.ac.kr

Important Information for Authors Posted: 2010/01/11

Jan 11, 2010 1) The papers that were submitted from October to December, 2009 will be relatively tardy in review process compared to the normal process time, because there had been not only in trouble with the old system but also a burst of submissions during the period. We apologize for it. Those papers will be handled and informed via e-mail by manual, not by the ScholarOne system. 2) PLAGIARISM: We severely prohibit plagiarism and self-plagiarism. See the details on it in the author guide. 3) The paper SHOULD be more than 11-page long 4) The original manuscript SHOULD be MS Word. When uploaded, the original manuscript will be automatically converted in PDF and HTML, respectively by the ScholarOne manuscript submission and review system. 5) The users who have the old account in the old system aslo SHOULD create a new account in the new system, ScholarOne. Minho Jo Founding Editor-in-Chief and Chair of the Steering Committee KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems

Hot Cited Paper Ranking
  1. Yongsheng Hao, Vol. 10, No.3, March 31, 2016